5 Women who changed IT and Digital marketing forever!

The world of IT and digital marketing calls for individuals who can innovate and create trends that stay. Several women around the globe have created a niche for themselves in digital marketing as influencers and leaders with a huge fan following. This Women’s History month in Technology, we bring you 5 women who have changed the way digital marketing works:

Marketing Professional
Melanie Deziel

1. Melanie Deziel

When we think about IT and digital marketing, it is hard to miss Melanie Deziel who is a renowned consultant, founder of StoryFuel, and a Brand Storytelling Keynote Speaker. StoryFuel particularly aims at helping individual clients and brands create and optimize their strategy, team structure, content, and distribution for increased popularity and profit.

Her influential talks on more than 30 podcasts, facilitating workshops, and an immensely popular newsletter, The Overlap League have made a significant impact on marketing professionals.It has taught them how to excel in their field, think like journalists and implement innovative strategies in whatever they do. Melanie has been one of the Top 50 influential women in Content Marketing and tops the list in Women’s History month in Technology.

2. Amy Vernon

When a 20-year-old expert in the world of newspaper journalism entered the digital marketing world, not many knew the waves she would create in her career ahead. Vernon is known for helping her clients gather millions of page views for their sites using her excellent command of the English language and shares superb tactics for amateurs through her blog.

She is the first choice for mentoring brands on how to use the social web to their advantage, increase community engagement, and increase business growth. Be it international media houses or tech start-ups, Vernon has tutored them all on how to develop informative content and use competent practices to revamp their digital marketing strategies.

Amy Vernon
Samantha Barry

3. Samantha Barry

Starting her career as the Executive Producer for Social and Emerging Media for CNN, Barry has worked her way up to be the Editor-in-Chief for Glamour Magazine. It was Samantha who modernized the network, rebuilt it for the digital age, and lead the channel when it covered the 2016 presidential election online that got them several awards for excellence in social media thereby contributing to its business growth.

Under her leadership, Glamour Magazine has recorded a whopping 12 percent rise in its monthly viewers while the Magazine’s YouTube channel was overwhelmed by an increase of more than 110 percent subscribers. She intends to take the Magazine to new heights with her strategies keeping in mind the digital environment. The Women’s History month in Technology list would be incomplete without mentioning Barry.

4. Pamela Vaughan

The immensely popular HubSpot blog of GenM’s newsletter is being spearheaded by the marketing expert, Pamela Vaughan for more than a decade now. Leading HubSpot’s Web Strategy Team as its Principal Marketing Manager, Vaughan places her sole focus on conversion rates and tailoring copies for it.

Her concept of historical optimization on the blog had ledto an enormous increase in organic traffic by 200 percent – figures that remain unmatched even today. She is known for her innovative and creative ideas which have already helped several business blogs to increase their conversion rate. Pamela believes in updating information and using it to create interesting search results.

Pamela Vaughan
Ann Hadley

5. Ann Hadley

A recognizable and experienced IT and digital marketing head is Ann Hadley. With more than 16 years of expertise in the field, Ann has created a niche in writing innovative strategies for business houses. She is the Chief Content Officer for a firm that offers unique tools and content for digital marketers known as Marketing Profs.

Ann has co-authored a book named ‘Content Rules: How to Create Killer Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, Ebooks, Webinars (and More) That Engage Customers and Ignite Your Business’ which proves her impressive skills and can be found in the offices of reputed digital marketing agencies. She is also the co-founder of a marketing commentary and news site named ClickZ.com.

Tejon Digital acknowledges such women’s history month in Technology who are changing the way digital marketing works and making a difference in our world through their creativity and leadership skills. If you want to improvise on your business growth and digitalize it to keep up with the modern trends, we are here to help! Contact us today and allow our representative to offer a free consultation and proposal today.