As the world is slowly emerging out of its COVID shell, Easter is expected to be big this year. Friends and family can finally gear up their shopping bags to prepare for the festivities when they meet and rejoice over the long weekend. It’s time for marketers to get geared with innovative ideas and start their Easter digital marketing campaigns in a big way!

Social media has become a robust channel of marketing and communication. Digital Marketing Agencies in Windsor must leverage the power of their Google campaigns to appear on top of the local search results.  This way, local buyers can easily locate their services in the festive Easter season, boosting sales to the next level.

Here are some excellent Easter marketing campaign ideas from top brands to help you plan your marketing campaign:

Digital Marketing Campaign
Cadburys Egg Hunt

1. Cadburys Egg Hunt 

And who does that better than the much loved ‘Cadbury’. In their 2022 campaigns, Cadbury launched an annual Easter egg hunt around their ‘Cadbury Eggs’ as a move to adapt to the changing scenario. It was intelligent marketing as the world had gone digital in the pandemic and consumers virtually traveled using Google maps to find one of over half a million hidden digital Easter eggs. Easter enthusiasts could celebrate the much-loved festival by sending digital eggs to near and dear ones.

To understand the success of the campaign, there were 1.78 million site visits that got converted to 14 and a half thousand sales of real eggs to those who found their digital counterparts. Cadbury ensured that their digital egg hunt was a successful Facebook campaign everyone got involved and immersed. A fine example of connecting with potential customers, drawing engagement and conversions from them, even in adverse times.

2. Ikea, Easter bunny Varkansla

Ikea is a brand known for its furniture and flat packaging. So when they decided to attract a different niche of clientele on Easter, they came up with some creative concepts.

They floated their Easter product, a flat-pack chocolate bunny called Vårkänsla. The twist here is the fun way of assembling the product into a 3D chocolate bunny that comes with a complete set of assembly instructions just like its furniture. Ikea promoted the product, drew customers and stayed relevant during Easter through its Facebook campaigns and other social media promotions.

Easter bunny
Mashable campaign

3. Mashable, Crafty Eggs

Off-late, marketers have leveraged user-generated content concepts to communicate with their audience and connect deeply with them. In one such campaign, Mashable, the digital media website, created the #CraftyEggs campaign, wherein people sent videos of creatively decorated Easter eggs via social media.

Mashable showcased the best designs in their follow-up posts, connecting more deeply with their audience. Their video clips went viral and their idea of egg painting, which is a popular activity on Easter made people ecstatic with joy.

4. Cadburys Creme Egg

In 2022, Cadbury brings yet another winner with its classic cult product, limited edition half-white and half-milk chocolate creme eggs. The catch here is that if found they could win you up to £10k, only if you can resist eating it.

The campaign got so popular that its promotional Instagram video crossed 32K views. That is the power of a great digital marketing campaign on social media. The audience wants something creative and the digital marketing team at Cadbury knows how to keep the target audience entertained and engaged!

Cadburys Campaign

Easter offers a brilliant opportunity for brands to gain exposure on social media through unique and creative Easter digital marketing campaigns that are immersive and lure audiences to visit your website/ webpage. Digital Marketing Agencies in Windsor can build robust Google campaigns that would boost PPC, target the desired demographics and help local stores gain visibility in the SEO. So, even if you think Easter does not align for marketing to your brand, think again!

We, at Tejon Digital, are an experienced team of digital marketers operating in and around the Windsor area. If you are planning to run digital marketing campaigns for Easter, do get in touch with us.