Effective SEO is important to reach the target audience. With a high percentage of searches being local, this is great news for local vendors and businesses. However, not all businesses are equipped to leverage this growth curve. You must seek the services of a competent local SEO agency to take advantage of the local SEO boom.

There is a huge sea of local SEO agencies out there and each one excels in its niche area. Here, we have rounded up a few essential factors to consider when hiring a Local SEO Agency. Read on!

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1. Knowledge of local SEO tactics

An efficient SEO agency will ensure that you receive robust and authentic traffic from Google rankings and appear on the top charts of the Search engines. Google is constantly adding new features to Google My Business and it has become one of the key ranking factors in Local SEO.

An Local SEO agency must have sound knowledge about GMB, as this information is used to populate the local listings displayed on Google Maps for users. Google Maps help people explore local businesses, and uncover new suggested businesses and services in the local areas.

The Local SEO Agency must not just ensure that you are using Google Maps, but also receiving traffic from several mediums like social media, direct sales, and other sources using the latest SEO tools and tactics. They should know relevant SEO tools of the trade and when to utilize them effectively.

2. Understanding  the target audience

Your SEO company must understand your product, company goals, and the ideal customer to target. They must then design a customized SEO marketing plan for your business, keeping in mind who the target audience is. Thereafter, follow a systematic approach from the beginning to execute the process seamlessly.

Uniqueness is the key. Do not go for big brands that focus only on one aspect of SEO such as link building. If they don’t concentrate on vital areas like load time, page speed, on-page optimization, and an enjoyable user experience, opt for another SEO service.

Understanding your demographics well and what they are looking for will be a gamechanger. Analyze the local SEO agency by searching them using keywords on Search engines. If they do not rank well with a small number of keywords, it implies that they are not very adept with their SEO.

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3.Ability to adapt

Google policies and algorithms are ever-changing. The best SEO agencies are those that continually evolve and adapt to the new policies and changes in the SEO algorithm, as stated by Google. For example, after a minor update in 2019, many good sites were penalized. Google failed to comment on this subject.

However, a Google SearchLiaison (@searchliaison) November 12, 2019, stated that businesses must watch out for updates and guidelines that take place every week and make changes to their websites and SEO practices accordingly.

Your local SEO agency must be abreast with these changes and must know how to address the problem when a similar situation arises.

4.Market status- Quality matters

Company reputation must be top-notch with a proven track record of successful SEO campaigns and loyal clients. Speak to other local businesses and franchisees to find out about the SEO agency’s proficiency. A loyal customer is the most authentic advocate!

The agency must have high standards of transparency and follow tight schedules to deliver quality work on time. Study the quality and uniqueness of content that they offer for their marketing campaigns, blogs, website content, and other SEO campaigns.

Check for reviews from previous clients, their feedback, and study the copies of previous case studies. If the SEO company fails to produce relevant information, continue your search for a suitable SEO agency.

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Your SEO agency must be ready to adapt to the changing Search Engine algorithms and follow innovative yet authentic SEO practices to cut across the competition.  Also, mobile searches are growing manifold, and your local SEO agency might know all the guidelines so that your business can leverage the local search boom. Phenomenal SEO execution needs a good mix of experienced and expert SEO professionals who have a time-tested plan for your local business.

Are you not getting the desired ROI for your business? Let our experienced team of Local SEO experts help you with your marketing needs. At Tejon Digital, we know what it takes to build and maintain a flourishing Local website for your business. Email us at [email protected] today!