The benefits of millennial parents using Babysits

Every generation presents its own challenges and, clearly, Millennials are no different. They want it all, as quickly as possible and that includes starting a family. But what are millennials to do when they need to work but they also need help taking care of their kids? Owing to the internet and the growth in the number of babysitting platforms such as Babysits, finding a babysitter has never been easier! Here are the 5 benefits why using Babysits is the best in helping ‘parennials’ find childcare.

Millennials like to use technology

Millennial parents are tech savvy and want childcare to rise to their standards. More parents are using social media platforms, apps and online services to help support their work-life balance, and that includes childcare. Babysits is connected to popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Pinterest among others. With this wide range of resources, parents can receive support with tips, activities or DIY projects to do with children. Parents can also communicate directly through the website for more protection. With all these tools, childcare has never been so simple and safe!


Reviews and Reputation Online

Millennials love to read reviews

Millennial parents are more inclined to seek advice and support and share experiences. We live in an age where the opinions of people who are like us matter. As a parent, how important is it that the person who will possibly care for your child be well recommended and have shining star reviews? With Babysits, babysitters, nannies and parents are all encouraged to write reviews on their experience with the people that they correspond with. With honest communication encompassing the childcare community, it grows more safe and trustworthy with each appointment, thus strengthening our mission.


Millennials like to compare prices

With Babysits’ online community, parents can search the profiles of babysitters in their area. On the profiles, babysitters set their hourly rate so parents can decide which price is right for them. No surprises when everything is posted up front.


Millennials want everything fast

Instant gratification just so happens to be a behavior of the future, and millennial parents can make their child care decisions instantly. The internet has created a plethora of resources to help find responsible and reliable babysitters. We do recommend meeting the potential babysitter for an informal meeting before the scheduled date, just so parents can feel safe and confident in their decision.



Search Engine Optimization

Millennials like to do research beforehand

Parents may feel it is hard to finalize babysitter appointments because they don’t know them or have never seen them before. Do they know if they need a babysitter, nanny or a childminder? Babysitters and parents can now browse each others profiles, giving them a better sense of who they may potentially work with. With Babysits, you can look at photos, read experience descriptions and even watch videos babysitters have created! It is a great way to get to know the babysitter and decide if they are right for the family before they make contact.

By Christine Sabol

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