What are keywords?

What is that one word you could use to define your company or product? That’s your keyword. Keywords can be more than one word actually can be as many as you want. I will explain an easy way to find the right keywords at the end of the article.

Finding the right keywords equals to having a great advertising in your storefront because people will stare at your storefront by walking in the street and will find you are offering what they are looking for at first sight. It might be because you have an image of your product or words printed or painted in your storefront about what are you offering to them. That’s the same with keywords, search engines facilitate the customers to look for these words all over the internet, so you need to put in your website that signs for your customers to find you.

Why are Keywords so important for SEO?

Search engines are intelligent programs that work looking for words in Web Pages and its content. This words are known as keywords. In the Internet world your Keywords will define you.

Whenever you want to increase your traffic or your position in Google or another search engine, your hired professional will ask you what keywords you would like you improve or boost. This is a very important decision because it means that you are paying for an specific word or words in which your website and content will be optimized for making you go up in the google rankings.

SEO experts work on some tweaks on the server side to speed up your site then, they strategical use copy and metas using keywords, this is what does the magic when we test SEO functionality.

Finding Keywords seems difficult? Try this tips:

  1. Think in a phrase that can define your company.

Or think how a customer will ask you about a service or product you offer.

Ex. Company definition; My Company sells great leather shoes from spain

Ex. Customer answer: Do you sell fine leather shoes from spain?

  1. Then let’s break up that phrase!

What can be qualified as keywords?

Names, nouns and objects.

Ex. Company, Great, Leather, Shoes, Spain

you can also complement this with verbs or adjectives and  prepositions.

Ex. Great, Sells

Do not use Pronouns, interjections, articles or conjunctions as keywords.

Ex. Discard “My”

Now you got Keywords:


Leather shoes company

great leather shoes

shoes from spain

… and many more combinations.

Now you are all set, Do you already have your keywords and need someone to help you Out with SEO? Reach out to us.


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