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Google, the most prominent search Engine periodically updates its algorithms. Marketers are constantly trying to understand the pattern and the reason why the giant search engine makes these rapid changes.

Let’s analyze it this way:

Google is designed to serve people, and with time, the behavior/preferences of people are bound to change.

For example, about a decade back, social media platforms like Facebook, and Twitter did not exist. Present-day, due to their phenomenal presence, they impact the marketing strategies of businesses in a  big way. New tools and technology have evolved to reach the target audience

Owing to this, Google tweaks its algorithms, as its end-goal remains one- to provide the best user experience.

Google handles about 40,000 searches per second, so algorithm updates can leave a mammoth impact on any site. It is difficult for content marketers to keep up with the 200 ranking factors stated by Google and create an affordable SEO marketing strategy.


Content marketing

So what are the technical hacks to maintain the SEO ranking during algorithm updates?

Let’s find out

  1. Focus on your content

Your content must be:

  • Long-form
  • Evergreen
  • Relevant
  • Updated


“Length is strength” also holds for Search Engine Rankings. The articles should be in-depth and informative. Marketers should regularly post informative content that readers find useful. It should be complete with the latest updates and statistics that establish you as an authority in your field. Maintaining high-quality content all through will ensure that emerge high in the SEO rankings despite the changing Google algorithms.

  1. Audit low-quality inbound links

Google focuses on quality over quantity. So if you are confident that your site content is high-quality, take a look at the inbound links.


If you have low-quality links coming from the irrelevant site or content farms, Google can penalize you for the same. You must concentrate on getting rid of toxic links and adding links from authority sites or sites of the same niche.


Internal Linking
User Experience
  1. Site design usability

If users do not frequently visit your website or visit once never to return, you should check the responsiveness of your site. Does your website have a friendly interface? Do users have a seamless experience while browsing your website?

If you feel your site is lacking in these areas, you could redesign your blog, or provide your website with a novel interface. A usable responsive website engages the readers more, lower your bounce rate, and helps you attain a higher SEO ranking.

Speaking of design, never ignore your mobile app design interface. With people constantly checking their phones while on the go, more than half of the search queries come through mobile devices. You sure cannot ignore such high traffic numbers. Mobile site optimization is an important aspect of creating an affordable marketing strategy.


  1. Speed and security

If your website takes too much time in loading, chances are that the viewers will leave in frustration. Studies also suggest that more than half the mobile viewers abandon the website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Optimize your website to achieve faster loading times and ensure that your website has an SSL certificate.

 Better loading times and user security improve the user experience, the major criteria for Google in ranking websites.

Load Speed

Search Engine algorithms have gone through massive changes in the past decade. Google’s motive has remained the same throughout, to provide users with relevant answers to their queries.

So, if you refix your SEO tactics as we have outlined in the post above, your website will become immune to the Google algorithm updates. And you can create an affordable SEO marketing strategy without investing in expensive SEO hacks.

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