In this era, all businesses in the Travel Sector are facing big challenges. For example, People demand many options and the latest technology to be able to choose their best flight, accommodation, and desired trip experience in a quick a simple way. 

The change in peoples purchasing behavior can be a big advantage for Travel Agencies, if they are attentive to their strategy. 

Below are some simple, easy to implement changes to your social media engagement strategy 



  • Meet your consumers where they already are 
  • Allow your consumers to customize their trip 

  • Remove friction from your consumer’s shopping journey 
  • Make it easy for travelers to share their experiences and recommendations online 
  • Make the shopping journey as seamless as possible for your consumers 
  • Strengthen the relationship with your consumers by providing personalised support 

–  Facebook IQ Source: Travel Consumer Journey Study by Accenture (Facebook-commissioned online study of 1,054 respondents ages 18+, United States, July 2018)