Connect People with Your Travel Agency

In this era, all businesses in the Travel Sector are facing big challenges. For example, People demand many options and the latest technology to be able to choose their best flight, accommodation, and desired trip experience in a quick a simple way.  The change in peoples purchasing behavior can be a big advantage for Travel Agencies, if they are attentive to their strategy.  Below are some simple, easy to implement changes to your social media engagement strategy   

How to successfully promote a webinar online in 5 easy steps.

Webinars are a great way to connect to prospect clients and actual clients, if you are preparing one, Read this post to learn how to publicize your webinar and attract lots of leads. This post will not help you write, perform or edit a webinar, we will write about this in another post soon. Meanwhile,

How businesses must protect customers’ information and electronic documents.

PIPEDA stands for “Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act”, is Canada’s  privacy law and applies to personal information collected during any kind of commercial activities. PIPEDA is all about protecting users data and that's good for everyone, some even compare it to the Patriot Act because it contains provisions that make it equivalent. This

Four Reasons Why You Should Redesign Your Website.

Nowadays, your audience's first impression of your business is based almost exclusively on your website! However, redesigning by yourself it is not easy. It is a task that requires time and money. However, the reward of a brand-new website can be enormous. Remember that your website is one of the fundamental elements of your marketing

Social Media Impact in Business.

Social media has changed the world forever. We're not going to go backwards. - Jim Yong Kim Everyone is in Social Media, Are You? Everyone is connected now through social media, internet has brought your clients together, you need to be there is a great opportunity to sell, and it’s cheap! Social media is an

The Importance of Keywords: Tweaks to SEO Success

What are keywords? What is that one word you could use to define your company or product? That's your keyword. Keywords can be more than one word actually can be as many as you want. I will explain an easy way to find the right keywords at the end of the article. Finding the right