We are slowly starting to see 2021 on the horizon, and it is about time you left your major Digital Marketing mistakes in the rear-view mirror of 2020. But you might be wondering, what are some Digital Marketing mistakes you need to stop making so you can drastically improve your online presence? We are here to share just that with you. Read below for the top 5 Digital Marketing Mistakes you need to stop making!  

  1. Only Focusing on Text-Based Content  

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and all other social media platforms have come to love video content and it’s time for you to get in on the action. Our brains retain visual content better than a page loaded with a bunch of words, so it’s no wonder people are attracted to video content. The best thing is not everyone is making video content so it’s a great way to get noticed by potential customers especially since it’s highly promoted on social media platforms. This kind of content is loved by social media because it gives traditional media platforms such as television and radio a run for their money and, more importantly, it gets site visitors to stay on social media sites for longer.  

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2.  Not Collecting Emails  

Another major mistake businesses make in Marketing is not collecting the emails of their potential customers. The reality is a very small portion of people who visit your site will convert into actual customers. Think about your personal life, more than likely, out of the hundreds of sites you have visited, you’ve only become a customer for a handful. With this knowledge, it is important to give visitors a reason to give your business a second look. By collecting emails, you can convince more people to come back to your website and eventually convert those returning visitors into paying customers.  

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3. Not Taking Advantage of Interlinking  

We’ve all heard of different strategies to rank higher on Google; use keywords and key phrases, use metatags, generate backlinks…but what about interlinking? This is another way to make sure you not only rank higher on Google but get people to stay on your site for longer. If you have a blog, tool, page, etc. that relates to a page that your visitor is looking at, make sure to link it! For example, if you have a blog about ‘How to Create the Perfect Instagram Post’ and you have another blog in which you list the ‘Top Five Graphic Design Platforms’, interlink the blogs to one another. This is also a great way to provide more value to your visitors and create a satisfying user experience.  

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4. Your Website is Not User-Friendly  

A great way to make sure your site gets one-time visitors is to have a site that is not user-friendly. People love instant gratification and if they aren’t getting the value they want from a site in a timely manner, they will go somewhere else. Some key elements to look at to ensure your website is user-friendly are:   

  • Is the site optimized for all devices?   
  • Is the layout intuitive?  
  • Do your pages load quickly?  
  • Is information easily accessible 

It’s worthwhile to continuously update and improve your website where you see fit. This will encourage users to come back and will help you to build a great website and brand over time.  

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5.  Not Being Mobile Friendly  

Everyone, their grandmother, and their dog have mobile devices nowadays and it is important to take into account that a large percentage of your website visitors will be viewing your website on their mobile phones or tablets. It is crucial that your website is optimized for all platforms, whether it be a computer, a mobile phone, or a tablet, while still looking great and being easy to navigate. This will ensure a great user experience and increase the chances of having repeat visitors.   

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What other Marketing mistakes do you think business owners and brands need to leave in 2020? Let’s start a discussion in the comment section below! 

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